truck hydraulics

Truck Hydraulics is an important application wherein hydraulic plays an important role. The hydraulic system plays an important role in the functioning of the tipper.

Rear side of a chassis is built with body which is lifted by hydraulic cylinder along with hydraulic pump, valve, oil tank etc. The hydraulic valve will be used to lift and lower the body. Generally tippers are of many types.

1) One type of Rear tipper is using cylinder mounted below the body.
2) Another type of tipper, Rear tipper, has Cylinder fixed to front of the body.

The cylinder design is of single acting or double acting. Based on the type of cylinder the hydraulic valve also will be designed to have single or double acting type.


Hycom Engineering specializes in various type of valves for tippers. These valve control the tipper body directions up or down, smooth lifting, faster lowering, ability to handle high pressure and surge pressure.


The design needs to be sound and reliable and pressure drop has to be minimum while optimizing the section thickness and flow paths. All types of valves for single acting, double acting and other special valve are manufactured by Hycom. These valves will have various flow characteristic, working pressure range, mounting style, operation options etc.