There is a commitment to training and development at Hycom Engineering. We want people to reach their full potential, and so;

  • 1) Employees are trained in the skills required for their domain and also on other skills that are commonly needed in a manufacturing setup.

  • 2) Employees are given opportunities to attend External Training programmes for overall development.

  • 3) Employees are well informed and offered the opportunity to transfer between departments when appropriate to their skill set.

Staff Development

Hycom believes in the concept of 'Managers as Trainers'. Hycom Engineering employs strategies to enhance the abilities of all the staff. These strategies include the use of courses and seminars developed and presented in-house, through private training providers, and by individual experts in their own particular fields.

On Job Training

On Job production training is provided to new employees based on the relevance to their domain. The training can last for a week or a month based on the importance of the training for the employee for the job that he is likely to handle after training. This provides insights into the real production function and allows the new employees to learn by practice.

Basics of Hydraulics Training

We, at Hycom Engineering, train the employees on the basics of hydraulics. These classroom sessions allows the new employees to gather skills that are required in a hydraulics manufacturing industry.