Hycom Engineering employs highly advanced technology for hydraulic valves and rotary coupling manufacturing encompassing full design and engineering knowledge, in-house honing capability, all staffed by well-trained and skilled manpower.

Research and Development is the engine of growth at Hycom Engineering.It is a DSIR (Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India) approved research and development centre.

Hycom Engineering implements innovative sourcing methods and has anarray of robust vendors who complement the manufacturing efforts to make on-time deliveries to the customers. Its approach to manufacturing has been to build quality into the system and manufacturing processes and thereby improve the reliability of its products.


Design Strength

With an objective to achieve total customer satisfaction and aid them in developing reliable quality, custom designed valves and rotary couplings that can meet the special requirements of Hycom Engineering's OEM partners, as well as are efficient to manufacture, it has developed a three-fold approach to effectively translate the customers' requirements into reliable performances even in the most demanding conditions.

In case the customer prefers to use its design, Hycom Engineering proposes improvements based on its expertise and knowledge of the application terrain and implement the same.

In case the customer prefers to use its design without any changes, Hycom Engineering manufactures as per the customer's design.


Design Infrastructure & Human Resource

A fully networked and computerized engineering department enables a team of experienced product designers to develop designs to meet the exact and unique requirements of the customers.

The Engineering team comprises of highly qualified and experienced designers with many years of experience on world-class design work exhaustively on Solid Works including 2D, 3D. Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis methods are used to evaluate the design.




Joint Development & Experimental Work

Hycom Engineering is the true development partners that large OEMs are looking for. It collaborates directly with the customer to create new products that are unique and specifically suited to that customer's requirements and objectives. The process of a joint research and product development project at Hycom Engineering involves the contribution of ideas, feedback and technical resources at the initial development stage.

The quality enhancement projects are taken up exclusively for customers with substantial joint efforts by the customer and Hycom Engineering teams. These exercises result in getting invaluable insights into the problem areas and helped in value engineering to eliminate identified chronic problems of the system.

Hycom Engineering then incorporates advanced concepts in manufacturing techniques and processes resulting in significant improvement in the performance of the product and hence the overall performance of the equipment.

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