Our Business

Hycom Engineering is positioned to serve hydraulic and other precision engineering industries with Global quality, innovative products.

  •   * Contract manufacturing

  •   * B to B

  •   * Tier-1 White Label Supplier

  •   * Target markets: Large customers and other Manufacturers of Hydraulics Products.

  •   * Hycom does not sell products in retail.

  •   * Hycom does not compete with its customers.

Hycom Engineering helps you to achieve operational excellence, improve end-customer experience and drive growth byinitiatives in place for;

  •   * Quality Improvement

  •   * Cost Management

  •   * Fixed Assets addition

  • We do "Contract Manufacturing" to Customers' Designs, Customers' Quality Standards, Customers' Acceptance Criteria & Customers' drawings

      • Though we are Contract Manufacturers, we partner with our customers in providing our design inputs, improving manufacturing processes, deploying precision honing process for spool bores and rigorous testing standards.