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Hycom Engineering (India)Pvt. Ltd. is a leading 'Contract Manufacturing in Hydraulics' company. Hycom Engineering is involved in the manufacture and supply of Rotary Couplings and Hydraulic Directional Control Valves for the fluid power industries and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Founded in 2009, Hycom Engineering quickly took over the fledging Mobile Hydraulics business from a leading manufacturer of oil hydraulic equipment and turned it into a flourishing business. OEMs are always looking for unbranded Hydraulic components and there are very few who could offer this. Hycom Engineering quickly filled the gap in the market place. Today, it is one of the finest manufacturers of white label products in India.

Hycom Engineering is positioned to serve hydraulic and other precision engineering industries with global quality, innovative products. The company continuously focuses its efforts to understand the changing requirements of OEMs and anticipate customer needs in order to supply world class products and extend continuous technical support to its customers. The culture of innovation is built into the system with the R&D department conducting extensive exploratory and experimental research in joint development projects with customer teams.

Backed by a clear vision and purpose, Hycom Engineering started working with OEMs, in the Construction and Agricultural Sectors, to produce high quality Rotary Couplings and Hydraulic Directional Control Valves for their equipment. The deep understanding of the customer's requirements, the ability to create exactly what is needed, the impeccable knowledge and the fine workmanship by Hycom Engineering, have firmly established it as 'Contract Manufacturers in Hydraulics'. Today the company's abilities include Design and Development, Contract Manufacturing of Rotary Coupling, Hydraulic Directional Control Valves and Honing of Hydraulic Valve bodies. The company supplies Rotary Couplings and Hydraulic Directional Control Valves to some of the world's largest Original Equipment Manufacturers and is also exporting to various parts of the world. The main production facility is situated at Peenya Industrial Estate in Bengaluru.

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